Join us for seasonal self-care mini-retreats! The Winter Retreat is January 18, 2020

Women's Mini-retreat


An event for women offering self-care practices in alignment with seasons of the year and seasons of our lives to nourish and rejuvenate body, mind, and soul

vTake time for appreciation of the seasons and to reconnect with the rhythm and wisdom each offers for greater inner and outer well-being

vExplore five key areas of self-care: nourishment, sleep, movement, stress management, and connection with suggested seasonal practices. 

vReceive guidelines for seasonal foods, herbs, and self-care practices from naturopathic medicine to enhance winter well-being.

vCreate a personalized self-care plan for each season with provided resources, recipes, and practice guides to be used all season long.

vEnjoy seasonal-themed beverages and a nourishing lunch as well as opportunities for reflection and sharing in a small group setting.

vExplore the seasons of life with applications for inner growth.

vReceive samples and resources from holistic practitioners. 

Presenters:  Kimberly Joshi, Naturopathic Physician, Desert Trails Natural Health

Carlin Riefenberg, Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Happy is Healthy Wellness